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Backgammon Gold PREMIUM

5 usd

Play Backgammon Gold – also called Tavla – anytime and anywhere for free on your smartphone or table. Play online with your friends or offline against on of the strongest computer opponents.Now you can play one of the oldest board games in the world anytime and anywhere. A mix of strategy and luck is waiting for you.Online/ Live: Play with your friends or with one of 100,000 random opponents anytime and anywhere! Arrange a game or just search from over 20,000 players a day.
Offline: Challenge your friends to a classic Backgammon game in two-player mode or play against the strongest computer opponent from BGBlitz. It is also suitable for beginners – the tutor shows you the best moves.
What are you waiting for? Get into the backgammon world!The app includes the following features:* Live/ Online: Play against iOS and Android user* No registration required for online game* Elo Rating (FIBS)* Computer opponent with 4 grades of difficulty* Single game or tournament (1,3,5,7,11,15 oder endless games)* or live dice for 100% fair dice* 12 different game board designs* Elo-based player search: Search for Online opponents with similar skill* Use the tutor from BGBlitz to learn the 'perfect move'* For experts: the internationally rewarded Backgammon computer software BGBlitz* Extended Online statistics with Elo graph, game history with the result of the last games
Get Backgammon Gold now for your smartphone and show your opponents how to play properly!
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